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2022 Spring Showcase Highlights

May 31, 2022

Last week we brought back our annual Showcase! Our students worked hard to prepare for the event. When they finally hit the stage, they blew everyone away! TML’s staff, parents, and board of directors witnessed awe-inspiring performances—our children, while displaying their creative talents through different art forms, wowed the crowd.

It was great to witness our TML Dance Academy debut performances. They showcased their talent through several creative routines throughout the night, from ‘Spring in Miami ‘ to ‘Flowers in the Meadow’ and the show’s favorite, ‘Miami Sunset’! These performances were breathtaking.

The talent at TML is unparalleled, consistently cultivated, and inspiring. Our First through fifth graders brought great joy to the room with a beautiful worship song, a creative TML Chant, and a dance performance with a live band that got everyone on their feet. Our kids did a superb job, and we are so proud of them! Please make sure you join us next year.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of a short film that our youth put together. For the past three months, they worked hard to write, direct, act, and produce the short film using the skills acquired through TML’s partnership with Florida Film House. The film was beautifully done, but the discipline, persistence, bravery, and commitment to execute the task were most outstanding.

Our partnership with Florida Film House has proven to be invaluable, as it has become evident that we have future screenplay writers, directors, actors, and producers in our midst. Thank you for cultivating this great gift in our students and helping them to develop significant lifelong skillsets. Click here to watch the film!

The night finished off with an award presentation where we publicly honored the effort of our students—every student received a medal at the end of the night.

On behalf of Touching Miami with Love, a very big thank you to all our parents, friends, and supporters! We want to thank Medals 4 Mettle and the marathoners for donating over 100 medals. Also, a special thank you to Florida Film House for providing us with cameras and  Overtown Performing Arts Center for hosting us! You made this event possible; a million thanks is not enough to quantify our gratitude.

Click below to see the highlights of a magical night!