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Alaska to Miami: Small Team is Powerful During Spring Break

Apr 25, 2017

All the way from Anchorage, Alaska three faithful volunteers came once again to serve in our spring break camp at TML. One key way they impacted everyone at TML was through the power of prayer. Ron and the entire team prayed with our children’s program coordinator several times for the events of the week, and for our staff and volunteer teams. Nancy spent time everyday praying for each of our children and staff.  There were several times during the week when there was a notable change in the atmosphere of the classroom space, a renewal in our staff team, and a joy in our children.


A second key impact was through the ongoing engagement of the volunteers.  Each day, the team led enrichment and visual arts times that provided children pictures, stories, and even tastes of new foods that introduced Alaskan culture.  The team sang with the children during worship times, drove to a field trip to play with the kids, and made crafts side by side with children daily.  Many children immediately remembered the volunteers from last year.


Last, the daily devotional led by the team to explain the good news of Jesus Christ was powerful. Mr. Ron explained part of the gospel each day, and the team created a special opportunity for all children and staff celebrate communion.  It was wonderful to see how it all built on what our March and April TML devo time has been doing to introduce the gospel.  There are daily opportunities opening up to remind individual children of the good news of Jesus.  We believe it’s because of the powerful impact of the prayers, caring engagement, and truth boldly shared by the Alaskan volunteer team.  We are so thankful for Ron, Linda, and Nancy’s presence with us last week.