Promoting Leadership

At TML, we believe in sowing into our youth so that they bear the fruit of long-term impact. While it is no surprise to have students visit us after they’ve graduated from our program, it is always rewarding to see them return for a simple “hello,” others invest and become part of our staff team. If you’ve ever called our offices, then you’ve likely talked to Brittney. She gave us permission to share her story.

Brittney was in grade school when she moved to Overtown with her grandmother when she and her two sisters began attending our children’s programming. By the age of fourteen, Brittney was already showcasing her leadership skills and became one of our summer Jr. Interns are working alongside our children’s program. During the summer, our Vice President, Angel Pittman gave Brittney one of the most precious yet valuable opportunities to babysit her own children while she would debrief with summer teams. Not only had Brittney become a leader, but she earned trust as she always showed signs of love, loyalty, and commitment through her actions.

As Brittney matured into a young woman, she consistently proved herself as a calm and caring individual. After graduating from high school, Brittney began volunteering at TML, which eventually led to a regular position as a receptionist. Our programs grew and we discovered the need for a Program Assistant. Brittney was the obvious choice as not only had she first hand experienced our programs as a student but now her son would be joining as well. While serving as Program Assistant, Brittney discovered many things, from having more confidence in herself and how to communicate professionally and effectively with her colleagues.  Five years later, we are excited to announce that Brittney has become our new Office Manager.  While this role has more responsibilities, we firmly believe in her ability to continue to learn and grow alongside the rest of our staff.

Having Brittney transition from a child in our program to a staff member years later is another example of the tremendous work our teams dedicate themselves to. We believe in our students, even on the days, they don’t believe in themselves. We are confident in the leader Brittney has become and are excited for her as she takes on her new role.


Family Field Trips

Family time is important in order to strengthen bonds, and sharing in special events together creates memories that make being a part of a family feel special. But what if you don’t have transportation or you can’t afford the entry price for the popular events in your city?  Without a car, it is hard to experience new things and in an expensive city like Miami, it can be next to impossible for low-income families to enjoy new experiences.

As Touching Miami with Love seeks to create strong communities, we create opportunities for Family Field Trips each year to provide families in Overtown and West Homestead the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful city.  Over the past few years, we have taken our families to the Miami Symphony, Zoo Miami, Universoul Circus, and more.  Through the support of partners, we have taken families from both sites for several years in a row to the Fun and Fit as a Family Event at Jungle Island.

Hosted by the Food Network, our parents and their children strolled through Jungle Island’s interactive zoological park, watched chefs’ presentations and learned healthy-lifestyle tips for kids. TML’s children explored the food garden, ate free food, and played interactive fitness games, as well as enjoying everything else Parrot Jungle has to offer.  Our families enjoyed the time with spent with each other, and who doesn’t enjoy an opportunity to see their favorite celebrity chefs too like Guy Fieri, Rachael Ray, and Robert Irvine!