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Celebrating 2020 By Giving Back

Dec 18, 2019

A new decade is around the corner and if you are wanting to make some resolutions for your business in 2020 – how about adding “giving back” as one of them? In 2019, MIAM Café raised $1,034.50 one dollar at a time for Touching Miami with Love.
How did they do it? Miam Café partnered with us in creating a “Drink of the Month” project and pledged to donate $1 for every purchase made. In turn, we promoted their partnership online and in our social media. Does your business have an item or service that you could designate a portion of the sale to be donated to Touching Miami with Love?

Need more ideas? Here are other ways to support TML while you determine your New Year goals.

Be a Guest Speaker
Do you or a co-worker have an inspirational and empowering message? Would you like to Inspire our students? Then, we’d love to have you. Sharing your story can be vital as it could help young people in ways you never knew possible. Empower and forge connections with our middle and high school students through your story.

Come Out and Play with Us
In 2020, TML celebrates our 25th Anniversary with a series of tournament events. Kickball, Top Golf, or Bowling—what’s your game of choice? Find out how you can create comradarie while supporting a great organization. See all tournament events online on our 25th Anniversary page.

Denim Days at Work
Do your employees dress up for work? Consider supporting Touching Miami with Love in exchange for giving employees the option to wear jeans on a particular day of the week. You can even ask to make it a regular Friday event and pledge your support for a year. Need help pitching the idea? Invite your team to one of our monthly TML impact tours, and we’ll do a “show and tell’ for you!

Touching Miami With Love has many opportunities for you to volunteer as an individual or with a group. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary year, there are various events where your company’s helping hands and willing heart would be appreciated. Head to our website and complete our Volunteer Inquiry form, and we will schedule a follow-up phone call to see which program or event you’d like to volunteer.

Donate an Item or Service
Does your business have items or a service you provide that could be donated to TML? In 2020, TML is hosting several tournament events and an online auction. We will gladly receive your item(s) for use in our events and provide you a tax receipt for the value of your donation.

Be a Guest Chef
Have someone in the office that loves to cook or even an employee with take-out ordering skills? Have representatives from your company serve as Guest Chefs for our Youth Evening Program. Each Wednesday evening in Overtown and Thursday evening in West Homestead we serve dinner to our youth before programming. We encourage our “guest chefs” to eat with the youth as a great time to get to know our students over a delicious meal. Past companies serving as Guest Chefs have shared how much they loved the experience bonding with our students and each other.

Now that you have some ideas for smashing your resolution on giving back, let us know which one best suits you. Ask to receive our 25th Anniversary sponsorship packet for more information on how you can celebrate with us in 2020!