We provide several programs to meet the needs of adults in our communities

School and Student Academic Support – for parents of children and youth in our programs, we provide support through coordinating educational, wellness and behavioral services with schools and community agencies for referrals supporting mental health, food insecurity and other social services.
Parenting WorkshopsIn both Overtown and West Homestead, we hold regular workshops for parents of children and youth in our program. These regular workshops include topics such as school choice, information on serving children with disabilities, legal education and alcohol and drug awareness.
Adult Literacy and Economic Mobility Program – in West Homestead, we serve adults at every skill level offering adult literacy classes in English and Spanish in small cohorts over 4-8 weeks that are cover reading, writing, and speaking. Additionally, we provide adults with continuing education workshops weekly on digital literacy, financial literacy, workplace education, health/nutrition, civic engagement, legal rights, project-based learning as families, and smart goals.
Child Psychological Therapy We partner with two organizations to provide intensive therapy to children and youth at TML. The University of Miami’s Mailman Center for Child Development staff has therapy rooms in Overtown and West Homestead locations with staff at each Parent-Child Interactive Therapy. Wellspring Counseling also has an office in our West Homestead site providing therapy to children, youth, and families of TML.