Party in a Box

Each month we reward students and would love for your help in supporting this time of celebration. The following are examples of items we request to make these events special for children and youth at both our sites. While we host Fun Fridays for up to 100 students in Overtown and 200 students in West Homestead, supplies of any quantity are gratefully accepted!

  • Papa John’s Gift Cards
  • Hot Dogs and Buns
  • Prepackaged cookies
  • Snacks (ie Chips, Pretzels, etc.)
  • Celebration Banners
  • Centerpieces
  • Party Hats
  • Lemonade & Kool-Aid drink mixes
  • Colored paper plates, all colors
  • Balloons, all colors
  • Streamers, all colors

You don’t need to be in the Miami area to support the fun. Mail your group’s Party in a Box to us at:

Touching Miami with Love P.O. Box 01-3279, Miami, FL 33101

If a physical address is required for shipping, please use the address of our Post Office

500 NW 2nd Ave P.O. BOX 01-3279, Miami, FL 33101-9998

Thank You!