Touching Miami with Love Board of Directors

TML’s Board of Directors includes local supporting churches, CBF-Florida constituents, local partner agencies, and local business people.  Our Board seeks to reflect the broad ecumenical and ethnic representation of our communities.


President Che Scott, 8 Years in 8th Grade, Inc

Vice President Jennifer Estime, Fons Inc. Design and Architecture

Secretary Maggie Narvaez, Santander Private Banking

Treasurer Oscar Irigoyen, FitzRoy Investment Advisors


Evette Alexander, Knight Foundation

Ray Johnson, Exec. Coordinator, CBF of Florida

Nicole McAree, Bank of America -Merrill Lynch

Brett Green, Archway Partners LLC

Nikki Turner, The CFO District

Brandon Rose, Brandon Rose, P.A.

Isabel Pena, CPA, Consultant

Nadia Castaing, University of Miami

John McWhirter, Film Production