Tomorrow’s Leaders Children’s Program

Our children’s program at our Overtown and West Homestead site focuses on inspiring, educating, and empowering children.  We operate in the after school hours Monday through Friday in the school year and all day on most Teacher Planning Days, Spring Break, and Summer.

Read on to learn about the multiple program elements in our holistic program to children Kindgergarten to Eighth grade.


Program Elements

Spiritual Support

As a faith-based organization, we offer weekly Devo Times in the school year and once a week in the Summer.  As we welcome all children, we introduce them to our God who made them and loves them.

STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

We host enrichment sessions for science experiments, coding, engineering projects, creative arts, and math enrichment.  Our creative arts programming includes visual arts, performing arts, and culinary arts exposing our students to lots of new opportunities. Partnership enriches our program with the following past and present partners: Perez Art Museum, Miami Symphony Orchestra, FLIPANY, and many local artists.

Educational Support

With literacy classes led by certified teachers at each site, qualified grade-level instructors, and reading interventionists we support students educationally.  We also offer time for homework help,individualized tutoring, school supplies, and support for school projects.


Field Trips

Exploring our great city and learning new things is the goal of our field trips.  We host several trips throughout the year on Teacher Planning Days, Spring Break, and others.  Field trips are hosted weekly during Summer programming.



We provide daily time for fitness and sports programming to ensure healthy lifestyles using the evidence-based Sparks.


Our goal is to break barriers to create higher expectations, establish a pattern of positive attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors regarding school and education. Impacting student achievement is a complex issue that requires both long-term commitment and diverse strategies. Our staff bridge the divide between home, school, and TML as we are in our partner schools daily working with students and coordinating with teachers as we seek to improve grades, school attendance and ultimately graduation rates.

Registering Your Child

The following are the entry requirements for our children’s program:

  • Our program is five days a week, year-long.  Children must be able to attend every day after school as well as summer programming.
  • Children must live or got to school within the neighborhood boundaries of Overtown or West Homestead.
  • We require all participants to be at or below 200% of federal poverty level for entry and verify.

We often maintain a waiting list   We encourage families to stop by our centers to fill out an application which will put you on our waiting list.  Additionally, we advise applicants to keep their contact information current with us. When a spot opens in our program we can contact you immediately.

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