Today’s Leaders Youth Development Program

Our youth program at our Overtown and West Homestead site focuses on inspiring, educating, and empowering youth.  We operate in the after school hours Monday through Friday in the school year for academic support as well as evenings for programming.  In addition to our school year program elements our summer program includes youth employment and trips outside of Miami for service and exposure to new opportunities.

Read on to learn about the multiple program elements in our holistic program to middle and high school youth.


Program Elements

Spiritual Support

As a faith-based organization, we offer students the option to join our weekly Bible Study.  As we welcome all youth we share how Christ’s spirit will help us to be in the world but not of it.

Educational Support

We support academic achievement with time every afternoon and access to technology.  We also offer SAT/ACT tutoring, school supplies, incentives for grades, and support for school projects.


Social Skills

Each week we present fun, interactive activities Social Skills lessons to youth to create higher expectations, establish a pattern of positive attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors regarding themselves, others, and their community.

Evening Dinners

Each night our evening programming begins with a full sit down dinner for all youth at both locations.  Designed to re-create the family dinner hour meals shared over conversation encourage youth as they navigate life circumstances.

Creative Arts


Creative Arts sessions give youth the opportunity to explore, create, and dream.

Events at Touching Miami with Love

Touching Miami with Love hosts numerous events throughout the year to engage our supporters and raise needed funds to continue and expand our programming to children, youth, and their families. Please see the drop-down menu for our annual events--we'd love to see you!