Historically an underserved community, it is no surprise that the K-8 school adjacent to our West Homestead (WH) facility has no structured school sports teams. Yet, the boys in this area live and breathe soccer, playing it for hours. Clubs and leagues are out of reach mainly due to fees, limited positions, and inaccessibility to travel. Utilizing our 5-acre property, one of our staff qualified to coach began voluntarily hosting practices a couple of nights a week after regular programming. What initially began with ten older boys, some cones, and a few soccer balls, has steadily grown with dozens of youth now lining our field. These kids show up eager and ready for two hours’ worth of conditioning, workouts, drills, and scrimmages. Over time, these practices have promoted discipline, encouraged physical activity, and increased positive social interactions and healthy competition while fostering strong brotherhood. Deterring these youth from violence and other dangers that plague the West Homestead area is deeply rooted in the goals of our organization, and the sport of soccer happens to be one huge way we can continue to achieve it.