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Oct 31, 2021

Theresa is an inspirational, intelligent, and independent young lady who is constantly striving to better herself. Nevertheless, at the beginning of her journey at TML, she shared with her instructors that she struggled with self-confidence and at times felt like she wasn’t good enough. As the oldest of 4, Theresa always wanted to be an example for her siblings, which created a lot of pressure because she didn’t want to disappoint her parents.

Many teenagers experience similar feelings as they strive to develop a sense of identity and purpose; therefore, good role models are essential at that stage in their lives.

TML instructor has become that role model for Theresa as she has worked with Theresa by investing daily in her by encouraging, celebrating her accomplishments, giving her feedback, and increasing her sense of ownership.

The change in Theresa was evident as she began to see herself differently. She is confident about herself and no longer feels that she needs people’s approval. She has become an inspiration for her classmates, helping them improve their self-esteem and encouraging them with their school work.

Confidence is one of the primary characteristics of a thriving teenager.

Would you join us in helping teenagers like Thereas thrive?

You can help us continue making a difference for over 1,000 adults, children, and youth in Overtown and West Homestead communities just like Theresa by becoming a fundraiser for TML during Give Miami Day this year. Help us reach our goal of $75,000! Follow the steps below to become a TML Fundraiser.