We will launch an aquaculture facility in our local community of Overtown to grow freshwater pearls and aquaponic and organic vegetables. We aim to engage youth and young adults from 13 -35 in a training program to learn skills and cultivate fish, shellfish, and organic produce through aquaculture. We will do this by constructing a 10,000-gallon fresh and saltwater production system, as there are currently no aquaculture facilities in the area.

This program will begin a workforce training program over the next two years, where youth will learn about urban agriculture and aquaculture lessons. It is intended to impact 150+ youth and young adults in the target zone within the first six months. Students will serve as the initial 20 to go through the educational and certificate programs and then be matched with an employer.

We want to bridge the gap for underpaid individuals who lack a steady income, a big problem people in Overtown face. This community can benefit from workforce training programs in growing job sectors such as urban agricultural production. Aquaculture is a significant industry in Florida; however, jobs are mainly rural and not urban, meaning there is a great deal to be gained by providing these opportunities to youth and young adults.

The program will construct the system in partnership with the community centers and partners in the impact area.