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Get to know our new CEO

Jul 18, 2022

Our new CEO, Trina Harris, has been a change agent at Touching Miami with Love (TML) for over a decade. As we transition into the next leadership phase at TML, we want you to know the vital impact she has had on the lives of children and youth in our communities.

Ultrina “Trina” Harris is a wife, mom of two beautiful girls, a businesswoman, and a community advocate. A native of Miami, Florida, Trina was born in the heart of one of Florida’s oldest Black communities, Overtown, and is a life-long resident and homeowner. She is well-known and respected in the community. She has an innate urge to be a motivating peer-leader and supporter in the community, which is the foundation of her success. Her passion for seeing others succeed is a driving force in her life.

Trina’s past positions in the community include Vice President of the Overtown/Omni Democratic Women’s Club, Executive with Overtown Optimist Club, Vice-Chair of the Overtown Community Advisory Board, and Lead Coach for the City of Miami Police Athletic League.

Since 2006 Trina has owned a small business in Overtown, Suite 110 Urbanwear, a streetwear shopping experience. Her shop is a destination in Overtown for streetwear, sneakers, souvenirs, and urban culture history. Her passion for the history and culture of Overtown inspired Trina’s signature clothing line, “Historic Overtown: Colored Town” merch, which is highly popular.

Trina currently serves as a Council Member for the Overtown Common Good Initiative launched in 2014 by Allegany Franciscan Ministries. The initiative aims to support residents and stakeholders by creating opportunities, strategies, and investments. The council’s impact on the community has totaled over $7 million.

She also serves on the Executive Committee of The Underdeck, a project bringing Miami connecting Overtown and Biscayne Bay through a parkway under the new highway system. The Underdeck will include community-based programming through a heritage trail, legacy wall, pedestrian bridge, water fountains, plazas, recreation spaces, installations, concessions, etc.

Trina earned a Master’s in Public Administration with a specialization in Leadership and Nonprofit Management from the University of West Florida and a bachelor’s degree in Health Service Administration. She is proud of her experiences at Miami Dade College.

Trina is committed to strengthening both communities served by TML by developing new economic, employment, leadership, and learning opportunities. She is particularly passionate about entrepreneurial opportunities for young people. Trina’s proven collaboration and innovation track record has educated, empowered, and inspired thousands of individuals. Building off the organization’s rich history, she envisions an expansion of TML’s mission of sharing the love of Christ to see children, youth and adults reach their full potential. As the first African American woman to hold the position of CEO in TML’s 27-year history, she’s excited to lead this great organization into the future.