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TML Alumni Serving our country

Nov 9, 2021

Touching Miami with Love (TML) is proud of our Alumni, Quadrell, Artrisha, and Jahnya, who make a difference in the world by bravely serving in the U.S Military. TML is honored to have impacted their lives and helped prepare them for their journey by empowering them to explore and develop their gifts and talents during their time at TML.

Quadrell has always been a jovial young person with a big personality, powerful charisma, and great humor.  During his time at TML, he learned to expand his mindset by engaging in different assignments that prepared him for his military journey.

Quadrell often led activities because of his natural leadership capacities, which he now uses in his Human Resources position in the United States Army.

Quadrell highlights that his time in the Military has allowed him to travel across the U.S. and even live in South Korea. He currently lives in Hawaii, serving as Staff Sargeant (E6), and he continues to lead his life and career with excellence. 

Artrisha had a charismatic personality, was always curious, and had a positive attitude during her time at TML.

She describes TML as a safe and steady place that propelled her to grow and be herself. She accredits her mom’s efforts and key relationships with our TML staff that allowed her to thrive and stay away from negative influences in the community surrounding her.  

Artrisha is in the United States Marine Corps, and as a result of her dedication and hard work, she has been promoted several times while pursuing her degree in Zoology.

She loves to take care of animals and looks forward to becoming a veterinarian after her military service.

Jahnya is adventurous and believes that the lessons she learned in TML’s youth program and as a TML intern prepared her to be a better leader. She gained skills that have allowed her to transition into her military career successfully and provided her with leadership capabilities that she uses daily working in her team.

Jahnya serves in the U.S. Navy, and she recently was on the CVN78 Gerald Ford aircraft carrier that performed the shock trials bombs, televised on national news, which was a thrilling experience for her. During the trial, she was stationed with fire prevention that required her to wear Firefighter gear.

She is looking forward to finishing her degree in business administration and applying her business knowledge to her career in the Navy.